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Book Your Event

We offer our basement arcade, second-floor lounge and full-building as private event spaces. The price of such events depends on the date, etc. If you are interested in seeing if we are the right fit for your event please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

We only book private events with at least 16 days advance notice to give our staff time to adjust schedules.

  • a room filled with furniture and a table

    Taproom (Whole Brewpub)

    The main taproom is only available for private events with a whole restaurant buy-out. 

  • a room filled with furniture and a table


    The second floor lounge is an ideal place for company parties, birthdays, fundraisers and casual celebrations.  

  • a stack of flyers on a table


    The basement arcade is a popular place for private events. A bar filled with classic pinball games and arcade cabinets makes a perfect venue for lively parties.