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GILD is a result of a group of Missoulians setting out to build a place they would want to go.

We are a locally-owned brewpub on Missoula’s Hip Strip. Located in the historic Butterfly Building with three distinct floors, each with its own bar with 20 tap handles  - all serving beer, wine & cider. Our kitchen focuses on Mexican-inspired drinking food that maximizes the use of local produce and meat. We make our own tortillas every day from scratch.

The Brewery

Our beer is brewed in the back of our building, in what used to be the Crystal Theater. Our beer changes frequently - we choose to not really have mainstay brews so that we are able to be adventurous and seasonal in our offerings. Alongside our own beer, we are also proud to be one of Montana’s only brewpubs that offers guest taps. We love great beer and this gives us a chance to share other beers we think are stellar.

Visit GILD

Our main floor taproom features a historic bar and a selection of high-top tables and a brass bar that looks out over Higgins Avenue.  The basement is home to our arcade. It is a cozy bar filled with classic pinball games and arcade cabinets along old river rock walls and brick floors. On our second floor we have a lounge, with lots of casual seating, the ideal place for a meeting or board game.

We continue to be focused on being a place we would want to go ourselves. This is our guiding light not just in the food and drink we serve, but perhaps even more importantly in who we have working alongside us and the atmosphere they help create. We believe GILD is a place for people who value community, quality and knowing where their food and drinks are coming from.